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Pure summer bliss!

I like to cook. And every now and again I find a recipe, which turns out surprisingly good. But moments like this are extremely rare:

Last weekend I happened to find some corn-on-the-cob with the husks still on, which is not very common here in Germany. I bought a few and put them on the barbecue for about half an hour. In the meantime I chopped up a fistful of fresh coriander and a red chili from our garden (I always buy a chili plant in spring, which lasts me the whole summer) and mix it all in with half a pack of butter and a teaspoon of salt (again, salted butter is hard to find here). I put the mix briefly into the freezer to chill it back down.

A dollop of chili butter spread on the corn of the cob! That was the yummiest and simplest recipe I have cooked all summer. The flavors were so intense. The combination of the chili, salt and coriander bring out the full sweetness of the corn. Makes my mouth water just writing about it.

Now I am heading out to look for more fresh corn. An…

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