Ironing board cover turned oven glove

I hate ironing and do as little of it as possible (My friends might have noticed...). But I do use my ironing board a lot for applying patchwork letters to baby blankets for my shop. And as I don't always concentrate (I like to listen to audiobooks while I am working away), sometimes the gluey stuff from the ironing fleece ends up on the ironing board cover. So every now and again it gets so yucky that I have to replace it.

Last week my old ironing board cover got to that point again and already ended up in my dustbin, when I realised that half of the cover was still looking like new. And as it is normally quite good at withstanding a lot of heat, I thought I might turn it into an oven glove.

Since the ironing board cover already came with insulation, I just needed some matching cotton fabric for the inner lining and for covering the edge and making a loop.

If you would like to make an oven glove, I would be very happy to send you the pattern and instructions. Just send me an email. (Eventually I will put these things on my blog for downloading, but I don't know how to do that yet.)


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