Compostable Christmas decoration

I kind of enjoy decorating our Christmas tree, but I really dislike tidying all the decoration at the end of the season. Stripping the decorations from a tree, which sheds its needles at the lightest touch, wrapping all the baubles carefully in tissue paper to safely store them for next year... And where to store all the stuff?

This year I am trying something new: I am making a fully compostable Christmas tree, which can go onto our compost heap with decorations and all. 

Designwise this is a solution for purists and nature fans, but it certainly is 100% sustainable (if you consider real Christmas trees sustainable, which I do).

And we have collected all the materials on a walk in the forest with the whole family, which was fun and good exercise for everyone involved.

Here is what we used:

·      Natural yarn (undyed cotton or wool)
·      Berries
·      Moss, Litchens
·      Achorns and other nuts
·      Autumn leaves
·      Twigs


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