Recycling bins for our bathroom

Every year one of my new year resolutions is to become more tidy. It normally does not last long, but this year, I have at least started by improving our bathroom. 

We used to have one bin for all the bathroom waste. When it was full, I needed to take it downstairs to the kitchen, where all of our seperate recycling bins. Feeling passionate about recycling - I then had to sort the contents of the bathroom bin into the various recycling bins. Tedious work! Much better to have seperate bins in the bathroom to start with, which can then be taken to the main recycling bins individually. 

To find vessels of a suitable size, I talked to a friend of ours who runs a restaurant. He has plenty of large empty food cans, which normally go to waste. I bought some organic paints in a colour matching our bathroom and painted the empty food cans a pleasent turquoise. Then I searched for recycling logos on the internet and printed them out on stickers in the same colour. 

Now we have one bin for empty packaging (mainly plastic), one for paper and one for the remaining waste, which can sadly not be recycled.



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