Jeans - Part 2

I promised to show you, what I do with the top part of my old jeans... Here we go! This is a collection of handbags which are designed to go with our Bavarian dresses, which we do for RELOVABLE.

So here comes the typical lifeline of my families jeans:

1. Worn as jeans for nice occasions
2. Patched up and worn as jeans for everyday use
3. Legs cut off and turned into short trousers or miniskirts (troucer legs turned into utnesil holders)
4. Turned into handbags

Now, I don't know what to do, when I want to recycle the handbags. Any suggestions?


  1. What a brilliant idea - I saw you and your products on the exhibition in Benediktbeuern and loved it.
    And if you are still interested in an idea for recycling the handbags ;)
    I do have one - in case that they get too old for using them in public how about potting in some flowers or storing potatoes or cleaning supply or stashing unfinished knitting projects or ...

  2. That's a great idea. The unfinished "knitting projects" suggestion will fill a lot of bags at my house....


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