Dishwashing cloths

Off course the main reason for my recycling efforts is to safe the planet ;)

But there is also the need in me to surround myself with beautiful things. This need is easily fulfilled by going out to buy more beautiful stuff, but I am trying to increasingly turn to making beautiful objects, preferably out of things I already own.

One example are these dishcloths I made today. They are knitted from left-over wool (so not exactly "recycled"). The industrially produced spongy things we normally use get thrown into the wash and last a very long time. So not a lot of planet gets saved by knitting my own.

On the other hand, they look and feel so much better. And isn't this aesthetic advantage an important reward for a lot of our efforts? Isn't it better to be motivated by beauty than by guilt?

Have you made any simple objects recently, which have given you this kind of aesthetic reward?


  1. Hallo Liebe Sabine, bei google unter Viktorianisches Puppenhaus googeln. Ich glaube Nostalgie im Kinderzimmer hat auch eins.

    Liebe Grüße


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