No more cold feet

As a first step of greening my bedroom I decided to fully turn off the heating. I love to sleep in a cold room, as long as the duvet is warm enough (another point I need to address). But often I go to bed with cold feet and then it takes me hours to go to sleep.

So, here is my fully recycled solution: A small cushion filled with cherry stones, which can be warmed up in the microwave.

The cherry stones I have bought online, although I have just found instructions on the inernet on how to clean your own cherry stones. However, since I am allergic to cherry, my own production is not really an option.

Next I have measured the size of the glass plate in our microwave in order to optimize the size of the cushion, and sewn a circular insert, which I filled
with the cherry stones.

For the cover I have used some wool fabtic, which I had left over from a sewing project. But bits of old sweaters or blankets work just as well.

Finally, since I am planning to make them for the whole family, I added my name to the cushion.

Now all I have to do every evening before taking my cold feet to bed, is this: Take the insert out and place it into the microwave for about a minute. Then put it back into its soft cover and tuck it under my duvet. Mmmh!!!


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