Two sustainable souvenirs from Austria

For last week's school holiday, we went to our forest in the North of Austria. The area is called "Waldviertel" and is famous for its forests and for growing poppies and hemp.

In a speciality shop for local produce I found handmade soaps made out of poppies and hemp. They do not only smell nice, but are wrapped in paper, which
gets me around the problem of what to do with the plastic packaging. 

Since we so far have mainly used liquid soap, I don't have any soap dishes at home. I wanted something, which is cheap, beautiful, non-breakable, has a low impact on the environment and - ideally - comes from the Waldviertel area. 

On our woodpile I found a relatively flat piece of beech fire wood. I asked my dad to cut it off to roughly a square shape, and now I have a soap dish. And when I don't need it any more, I will return it to its original purpose and put it on the fire.


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