Old hat - new lamp

I have just inherited our family cottage, which is a beautiful wooden building full of antique farmhouse furniture and qirky objects. Most of these objects have a long and cherished history for me and I would never dream of replacing them, no matter how weird they might seem to everybody else.

Still, there are lots of changes to be made. First comes lighting. Most of the lamps are early IKEA, which the most loving eyes cannot really look at with any pleasure. And they were made for "bad-old" 100 Watt incandescent light bulbs and don't really look good with LEDs.

On the other hand I don't have any money to spare for lamps, as most of my cash goes into new LED light bulbs. So I need (and love) to turn to creative recycling.

The first project I have completed this weekend. In our bedroom we had a naked light bulb on an overpowering old-fashioned mounting. Some time ago I had bought an old straw hat at a charity shop, which I liked although it is way too small for my head. Now I have put it to good use by cutting a hole into it and using it as a lampshade.

I still have about 15 lamps to deal with. So any ideas are more than welcome.


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