Refillable = Relovable

In a Christmas cracker out of all places I found a rather cheap but perfectly functioning perfume dispenser several years ago. I have carried it in my handbag ever since, occasionally topping it up from a larger perfume bottle in my bathroom.

Now that bottle is empty and I am somewhat reluctant to buy a new one as there is hardly any product with a worse ratio of disposable packing to usable content than perfume (any suggestions of even worse offenders always welcome).

But then I remembered a large bowl full of perfume samples, which I had collected as a teenager. I searched the internet for expiry dates of perfumes and nearly threw away the lot. But then - just out of curiosity - I opened a tiny bottle of Chanel and to my surprise it smelled exactly like 20 years (or more?) ago. Isn't it amazing?

I haven't smelled any of the other samples yet, but I am hopeful now that I won't have to buy another perfume for years to come.


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