First cushions

I really wanted to finish all six cushion covers last week, but these two is all I achieved.

The reason for this delay is that I had real difficulties doing the button holes (I don't like zips) on my vintage sewing machine. Already feeling quite cross with the machine, myself and the world in general, I decided to stop and think about alternatives.

When I made the first dress out of really precious antique fabric for my daughter 4 years ago, I taught myself how to sew button holes by hand. This looked very authentic with the old material, but it took forever.

Whilst normally, when I sew dresses for sale, time is an issue, last week I was on holiday and just sewing for pleasure. So I decided to stop spoiling this pleasure by using the machine. I sat in the spring sunshine (indoors however because of the freezing weather), put an audio book on and my feet up. Then I hand-sewed 4 button-holes and wished I had some more to do.

Maybe we should stop always using the fastest technique as a default?


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