Three old ladies

In one if my last posts I told you about the 80ies IKEA lamps in my cottage, which I wanted to replace.

I searched all over: second hand shops, ebay, design furniture shops, IKEA, etc., but everything looked exactly like my old lamps, new but just as dull or out-of-place modern.

I then thought about taking off the old fabric and glueing on new fabric, but I hate messing around with glue. It somehow feels too permanent a solution.

So I developed three "dresses" for my old ladies (younger than me however...). These dresses I gathered with rubber band at the top and the bottom and slid them tightly over the old lampshades.

The fabric I had bought some weeks ago from a vintage fabric dealer. I still have enough left to now tackle the cushions on the armchairs under the lamps.

No matter what style you prefer for your home these lamp shade dresses should work with any kind of fabric.


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