Weeding = Harvesting

I hate weeding, but I love harvesting.

Last Christmas break I found a book on wild plant (= weeds) cooking with great photographs and recipes. I looked at it longingly all winter and now the first greens are finally sprouting!

So I started to weed between our berry bushes. Last year they got so overgrown by nettles that some of the bushes died.

It took me about an hour to get enough nettles to make a pancake filling from my new cook book. Tedious, but then again straight forward weeding takes just as long and does not give you a meal at the end.

The most diffulicult part was frying the pancakes. I had totally forgotten that I am hopeless at pancakes. The first one ended up as "Kaiserschmarrn" (= Bavarian scrambled pancake...). Luckily my husband took over and saved the day.

So, am I going to weed and cook my harvest again? Definitely! But next time I will go for a recipe without pancake.

If you have a suitable recipe, please post it here!

(I left out the image of the end product for aesthetic reasons...)


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